1. Frontend developer at Monoid, master's student at University of Southern California.
  2. Enthusiast of all kinds of web technologies. Aimed at building performant, user-friendly and beautiful applications that empower you.

  3. Skills
    1. React (proficient)
    2. TypeScript (proficient)
    3. React Native (familiar)
    4. NextJS (familiar)
    5. C/C++/Python/Java/SQL (basic)
    6. Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing (basic)

  4. Apps
    1. WOPAL (React Native, Bluetooth)
    2. Starcharge (React, NextJS)
    3. D2D Member (React, Vite)
    4. Uptime Monitor (Fullstack with React, NextJS, GraphQL)

  5. Open Source
    1. Typed collections of HTTP APIs.
    2. Handle search like you React.useState, with validation against arbitrary input
    3. Easy implementation of React functions, helpful to understand how React works.
    4. Personal blog where I write arbitrary stuff, powered by esbuild, preact and tailwindcss.

  6. Publications
    1. MOOCCube: a large-scale data repository for NLP applications in MOOCs (2020)
      Jifan Yu, Gan Luo, Tong Xiao, Qingyang Zhong, Yuquan Wang, Wenzheng Feng, Junyi Luo, Chenyu Wang, Lei Hou, Juanzi Li, Zhiyuan Liu, Jie Tang
    2. Course concept expansion in moocs with external knowledge and interactive game (2019)
      Jifan Yu, Chenyu Wang, Gan Luo, Lei Hou, Juanzi Li, Jie Tang, Zhiyuan Liu
    3. ExpanRL: Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Course Concept Expansion in MOOCs (2019)
      Jifan Yu, Chenyu Wang, Gan Luo, Lei Hou, Juanzi Li, Jie Tang, Minlie Huang, Zhiyuan Liu

  7. Education
    1. Master's Degree in Data Science, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (2020-2021)
    2. Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Beihang University, Beijing (2015-2019)
    3. Research assistant in NLP at Tsinghua University (2019-2020)

  8. Communication
    1. Chinese (native)
    2. English (advanced)
    3. Japanese (intermediate)

  9. Contact
    1. Email: wangchenyu2017@gmail.com